Tangelene Bolton

Tangelene Bolton is a film, TV, and media composer known for Walt Disney Animation Studios Just a Thought, which can be seen on Disney+ as a part of the Short Circuit Experimental Films series. She also recently scored the music for the Disney Live Action short, Let’s Be Tigers, which can be seen on Disney+ as a part of the Disney Launchpad Shorts Series. Other score credits include: the new Marvel’s Avengers game, where Tangelene served as Technical Score Engineer/Additional Drum Programmer, additional music on the CBS legal drama show, All Rise, and additional music for the Nickelodeon hit children’s show, Shimmer and Shine. Tangelene is a Sundance Film Music in Animation Composer Fellow.

When did the journey start for you?

At the age of 2, when my grandma first taught me how to play the piano.

Who are some composers/artists you pull inspiration from?

Jon Brion, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Debussy, Chopin

Which instrument(s) do you have the most fun playing?

piano and guitar

Is there a favorite score you're most proud of?

My score for “Let’s Be Tigers” which is a Disney Live Action short. It will be streaming on Disney+ on May 28 as a part of the Launchpad Shorts Series!

Other than your studio, where does inspiration most often strike? (or rather "where is the second most common place you come up with ideas?”)

Usually when I’m taking a quick break from the computer, taking a walk, making coffee or when I’m in the shower. I’ll get a quick musical thought and grab my phone and sing or whistle the thematic idea or musical phrase into a voice memo.

What are your other hobbies when you're not in the studio?

I’m fortunate that my hobby is my career! But, when I’m not in the studio doing music, I’m enjoying a nice meal or scoping out LA for new restaurants and coffee shops to try.