The Most Memorable Placements From Our Music Supervisors

Published July 25, 2023

Our music supervisors have been making big moves lately! At the top of the summer, they wrapped up a major Pepsi spot for their “Summer Forever” campaign. Earlier this year, the two LA Lakers-related series we worked on in 2022 got nominated for Sports Emmys, one of which took home the win for Outstanding Documentary Series! As our music supervision team keeps bringing in the heat, we passed the pen (or is it keyboard?) over to Mindy Dinh to talk about the best placements from our SAS music supervisors... so far. Take it away, Mindy!

The Most Memorable Placements From Our Music Supervisors

SAS Music Supervisors Mindy Dinh and Leon Bromell at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival

Legacy: The true story of the Lakers

As a fan of the Lakers and music from iconic eras, we were overjoyed to work on Legacy. Overjoyed does not begin to cover how we felt. There was a schoolgirl giddiness when we started building buckets upon buckets of hits from the 60s, 70s, and present day. The most fulfilling thing, however, was bonding over this excitement with music licensors. We grew close with many of our peers in the licensing space over our love for the Lakers, being from LA, and the team's standing legacy. A unique bond like that doesn't happen often on projects. The cherry on top of this incredible experience was when Legacy won the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Documentary Series!

I Love My Dad

With I Love My Dad, we were heavily in the process of composer selection and onboarding, a privilege that most music supervisors do not come by often. Getting to work closely with composer Jeremy Bullock was one for the books. Jeremy isn't just one of Score a Score's most talented composers but the husband to one of the music supervisors on the project, Caze Taylor. Getting to see their collaboration come to fruition was so special. It became an even bigger bonding experience when we all attended the SXSW premiere and got to be within hearing distance of several attendees complimenting the score and music. The film ended up winning SXSW's Narrative Feature Grand Jury Award and Audience Award.

The Big Brunch

It's always a blast to work with a production team that's just as into the musical vision as we are. Showrunner Dan Levy had so many amazing ideas for the musical direction. It was fun to explore that with him and The Big Brunch team. Because the show emphasized the backstories of each contestant, it was really special to dive into their upbringing to find music cues that suited everyone's unique story. What made it more delightful was the jazz-inspired direction we went in! All the music supervisors at SAS hold jazz close to our hearts. We don't explore the genre very often while on the job, though. To work with it for numerous moments in the show was such a treat.

That's a Wrap!

We want to thank Mindy for taking the time to chat with us. If you aren't already, follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to see what our music supervisors are up to next. Happy scoring!