Daniel Ciurlizza

Daniel Ciurlizza

Daniel Ciurlizza (pronounced “Chur-Leet-Zuh”) is one of the hardest-working composers on the Score a Score roster, always pushing himself to meet the highest standards and consistently creating beautiful work.

Since 2013, he has run Outlier Studios, a 14-person music team that has assisted him in creating scores for over 110 scripted films and documentary projects.

One of Daniel’s main objectives is to combine disparate styles of music to make something new. This journey has led him to create sounds used on songs by Kanye West, Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Harry Styles, Khalid, and other Top 40 productions.

Daniel’s experience in the fast-paced world of marketing (i.e. creating music for trailers and ads) has allowed him to hone his ability to communicate and deliver quickly. He combines a solid musical vision with great efforts toward collaboration. His positive attitude is unwavering from version 1 to 100; we’ve never seen him break a sweat.

If you ask Daniel what he wants to be known for in the long run, he will offer the following tenets: 1. Overwhelming kindness and generosity; 2. Mind-blowing artistic innovation; 3. Tenacity on a micro and macro level.