Locked by Score a Score is our premier collection of top-shelf tracks, forging the latest innovative and outside-the-box music styles that elevate your trailers a cut above the rest. We represent an elite global roster of talent that is ready to customize any music and sound design project you can envision.

How We Work

Film trailer scores often represent the cutting edge of music and sound production. To stay ahead of the curve, we work closely with a select, highly curated subsection of our roster to produce and release albums and mixtapes of music and sound design that are carefully crafted to give trailer creatives and editors the tools they need to elevate their projects. Once a track is selected, it can be tailored and customized to your exact specifications, often by the original composer and producer of the piece.


  • Curated Music Pulls
  • Bespoke Music Production
  • Trailerizations, Overlays & Remixes
  • Sound Design
  • Music Supervision + Clearance
  • Simple, One-stop Licensing