Annabelle Freedman

Annabelle Freedman

Annabelle Freedman wraps you in a delightful blanket of upcycled sounds. Based in Los

Angeles, they breathe bewilderment into their generous collaborations bringing you

undiluted sincerity. They are an interdependent artist, rather than an independent one.

Through the use of undulating vocals captured on a Telefunken TF-29 Copperhead, expansive

Ableton production, NS electric violin, and Fender's Tenor Tele, their collaboration with

companies as well as their musical collaborators beckons listeners to celebrate the

magnificent as well as the mundane.

Their latest release, "Blastin Pastem," with Zhao, broadcast on NPR as a top tune, premiered

on KCRW's most popular show, Morning Becomes Eclectic, and was played by KCRW DJ's

Valida, Novena Carmel, Anne Litt, Raul Campos, and Aaron Byrd. It made the top 20 of 2020

list of several KCRW DJs. Annabelle also released the singles, "reCOLLECTION" along with a

music video by Kellen Malloy, "Rainbow", "Green Tree Tops", "Slippin", and "Mirror's Eye" in

2020. In 2021, they released “Hope” with Def Sound and Zhao which also premiered on

KCRW’s MBE while Annabelle is working on their first full-length album with Rachel White.

Their first production credits, "Flowers" and “A Poem Called Here”by Def Sound, also graced

KCRW airways by way of several DJs.