Sonic Branding

Sonic branding is an extremely powerful marketing tool and one of the most effective ways for brands to connect to consumers. With the rise of voice platforms and a constantly evolving landscape for new media, establishing a sonic identity cements a branded consistency that can be used across all media platforms, regardless of medium or UI.

Our Work

We understand custom audio production is an interactive process which requires clear communication and a quick, accurate, high-quality delivery.

We'll work closely with your team to establish goals and narrow in on a holistic creative and logistical game plan. We will then handle all of the legwork moving forward, while keeping your hand on the wheel creatively.

Check out samples of our sonic branding work:

Tubi >

a custom brand mnemonic

Shark Cleaning Technologies >

a custom brand mnemonic

InterContinental >

a custom campaign mnemonic

Intelliloan >

a custom brand mnemonic

Atom Tickets >

a custom brand mnemonic + in-app sonic branding

Mance Media >

a custom theatrical logo

Crazy Good Turns >

an intro-mnemonic for a podcast


Intro Call + Exploration

We'll set up an initial call to discuss overall goals and priorities, as well as details on your brand's demographics (target markets, and what sounds and genres are most prevalent within them). We'll also explore audio techniques that feel cohesive with the overarching branding strategy.

We'll also provide you with a sonic identity survey to complete that will help us dial in on these details. What are the core values of the brand and how does that translate to audio? What sounds best compliment the visual branding? What emotions do we want to evoke in consumers? What melodic sequence will have the best retention rate? These are all questions that will be dissected and answered during this initial phase.


We'll create multiple demos from 5-10 top-tier artists (3-5 day turnaround).


We provide unlimited revisions or additional rounds of composition (all composers will be on stand-by for quick turnaround).

Final Delivery

We finalize and deliver all assets for the winning track.