How to Get Music on TikTok

Published August 21, 2022

To stay relevant on social media, you need to be on all the latest platforms. The latest and fastest-growing social media platform is the music-centric app TikTok, with an estimated 1 billion users. That’s a lot of potential exposure! Artists are constantly gaining popularity on TikTok by adding their music to the app. This is why it’s so important to get your music on TikTok. Users can add your music or sound to their videos, which can end up getting millions of plays, or even billions if it goes viral. But before your song goes viral, it needs to get onto the app. Score a Score will walk you through the process of how to get music on TikTok and why it’s important to have your music on the platform.

How to Get Music on TikTok

When your music is on TikTok, you can gain popularity and make money. Just like how plays on Apple Music and Amazon Music can get you paid, so can plays on TikTok. To get your music on TikTok, you’ll need digital distribution.

Digital Distribution

Have you ever noticed that not all songs are available on TikTok? That’s because the songs have to be officially added to the TikTok library through digital distribution. If they’re not added to the TikTok library, you can’t add the song to your video on the TikTok app.

Digital distribution is how you will manage the rights to your music and get credit for every time your music plays. You will need to distribute your music to the TikTok app for it to be on the list of available sounds to choose from, so it can be streamed. When streamed, you will be paid for each stream.

Release the Music

Once you have distributed your music onto the TikTok library, you’ll have to release it. Creating a release means providing detailed information to a streaming platform, and it is a very important step in the process.

To release the music onto the TikTok app, you will need to provide album artwork, publishing information, and detailed metadata proving that you are the author and owner of the music you’re releasing.

Get Paid for Plays

Now that you have released your music onto TikTok, you are ready to get paid. Anyone can create a video and add your music to their TikTok videos. Getting paid for adding your music to TikTok works this way:

  1. A TikTok user creates a video
  2. The user chooses to add your music to their TikTok video
  3. The TikTok video is published and ready to be played
  4. You earn money every time the TikTok video with your music is played

Another Great Way to Get Music on TikTok

Adding your music to the TikTok library is a great way for the app’s users to find your music and choose your song for their video, but that’s not the only way you can get your music on TikTok.

Did you know you can make a music profile and create your own content on TikTok? This is another great way to gain exposure and reach the one billion users on the app.

To promote your music on TikTok, you will need to make a music profile complete with album artwork or an avatar and all of the information pertaining to your music identity. This includes a biography and links to websites and other social media and streaming platforms.

All the videos on your music profile should be between 10 and 20 seconds long; the shorter, the better. Remember to interact with users who comment on your videos. You can also duet with other TikTok users who have a large following! This will help your music get exposure and gain popularity.

Let Score a Score Help

If you’re ready to get music on TikTok, let us help! Be sure to check out all of our information about Score a Score + TikTok. This will answer any additional questions you may have about how to get music on TikTok.