Introducing Bravura! Music for Healthcare and Pharma Ads

Published November 9, 2023

The Score a Score team is proud to present to you all, Bravura! What is Bravura you may ask? Allow us to answer your question with another question. Do you suffer from “Scoreophobia” (the fear of sonic deficiency)? If you’ve never heard of this condition, that’s likely because it’s a fictitious disease coined by us to set up our cure for this ailment, which we call Bravura, your prescribed one-stop sonic solution for pharma and healthcare marketing.

About Bravura and Our History with Music for Healthcare and Pharma Ads

To launch Bravura, we teamed up with Big Howl to co-write, direct, and produce a spot that follows all of the traditional pharmaceutical ad tropes. That includes a “problem/solution” structure, side effects (such as earworms, goosebumps, and toe-tapping), and stylized graphics. The VO is delivered in earnest, but also veers into lines that break the fourth wall by calling out common guidelines for music production in this space. For example, “Now let’s drop the music down to a nice repetitive bed to make room for the major statement.”

Our Approach To Creating Music for Healthcare and Pharma Ads

Since Score a Score was founded in 2010, we have seen magnificent growth in the diversity of our work in advertisements. That said, healthcare and pharma have been some of the most consistent verticals in our advertising work for years. This has enabled our creative team as well as our composers to become very fluent in the form. The approach for production music for healthcare and pharma ads is quite distinct. We always aim to support and enhance any brand’s messaging with the perfect combination of mood, tone, energy, and aesthetic. With pharma, however, we need to also walk the fine line of compliance – playing a supportive role without influencing the narrative too strongly in any direction. It’s a creative and strategic process we really enjoy, and we’re excited to plant our flag in the ground with Bravura to continue our expansion in this area.

Our team had such a blast developing Bravura and are grateful to our pharma and healthcare clients for letting us score their work with Bravura. Before we roll the credits, like every proper pharma ad we present to you Bravura’s side effects:

*Do not use Bravura if you are allergic to praise, awards, accolades, or successful campaigns. Common side effects of using Bravura may include earworms, toe-tapping, goosebumps, and overly grateful brand clients. In most cases, individuals using Bravura experienced decreased stress levels in post, positive A/B testing, and resolved choice paralysis.

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Creative Directors: Jordan Passman, Jake Weinreb, Ben Santoro, Big Howl
Executive Producers: Jordan Passman, Jake Weinreb, Ben Santoro
Producer: Max Ferguson
Copywriters: Jordan Passman, Jake Weinreb, Ben Santoro, Big Howl
Director: Big Howl
Editor: Big Howl
Graphics: Big Howl
Music Producers: Score a Score
Composers: Matt Abeysekera, JNUARY, Steve Sopchak, AGM3
Mix + Sound Design: Steve Sopchak
Voiceover: Jamie Lemieux
Color: Dave Bauer