The Best Record Shops To Celebrate Record Store Day 2023!

Published April 5, 2023

World Record Store Day is upon us! Saturday, April 22nd to be exact. To prepare for this very important holiday, our team of film composers, sound designers, and music supervisors have joined forces to create the ultimate list of record shops to celebrate.

Score a Score's Ultimate Guide For Record Store Day

Before we dive in, we must note that this list is not just coming from experts in music management, sonic branding, and music composition. It is coming from a group of music lovers from all around the country! Okay, enough stalling... Let's groove!

  1. Jordan Passman (CEO) - Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA

  2. Jake Weinreb (CEO) - Good Taste Records in Boston, MA

  3. Ben Santoro (VP of Creative) - Record Exchange in Salem, MA

  4. Jessica Makhlin (Sr. Creative Manager - Head of Entertainment Marketing) - NOISE in San Francisco, CA

  5. Max Ferguson (Sr. Creative Manager) - Mystery Train Records in Gloucester, MA

  6. Marisa Shocket (Sr. Creative Manager) - Newbury Comics in Norwood, MA

  7. Dakota Daniels (Marketing Manager) - In Sheep's Clothing Records in Los Angeles, CA

  8. Megan Oliver (Jr. Creative Manager) - Criminal Records in Atlanta, GA

  9. Leon Bromell (Music Supervisor) - A-1 Record Shop in New York, NY

  10. Mindy Dinh (Music Supervision Coordinator) - End of an Ear in Austin, TX

  11. Kasey Barros (Creative Coordinator) - People’s Records in Arcata, CA

  12. Evan Kolm (Account Coordinator) - Gimme Gimme Records in Los Angeles, CA

  13. Agie Simon (Business Affairs Coordinator) - Creep Records in Philadelphia, PA

  14. Katy DiMuzio (Creative Assistant) - Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh, PA

  15. Brandon McCormick (Account Assistant) - Doc’s Records & Vintage in Fort Worth, TX

  16. Kristyn Tolhurst (Account Assistant) - Rasputin Music in Berkeley, CA

  17. Sam Renshaw (Sr. Account Manager) - Skele-tone Records in Rochester, NH

One Last Thing About Record Store Day…

While this list is pure perfection, there are so many other record shops to choose from. If we didn’t mention a shop local to you, or if you live outside of the states, head on over to the official Record Store Day website. It talks about all the spots the Score a Score team mentioned plus stores all around the world. Happy listening, friends!