Openings (January '23)

Score a Score is looking for new team members! If any of the below roles are of interest to you, please send your cover letter + resume to, with the respective subject line below:

  • Marketing Manager: Name - Marketing - Favorite Brand of Gum
  • Jr. Creative Manager: Name - Creative - Favorite Candle Scent
  • Account Assistant: Name - Accounts - Favorite Commercial Jingle
  • Business Affairs Assistant: Name - BA - Favorite Periodic Table Element

Compensation/benefits for all roles will be discussed case-by-case based on experience level.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The SAS Team


Marketing Manager

Location: Remote

Directly Reports to: COO

Hours: Full time - 40 per week

Required Experience: 1-2 years in a related role

Mission for Role:

Core focus: Company growth, increased brand awareness and lead generation via marketing efforts

Develop strategies for, and manage, all of Score a Score’s outward facing materials, platforms, and programs including: Company Website/Blog, Pitch Decks, Newsletters, Articles, Press Releases, Social Media, Marketing Stunts, Client Gifts, Events, etc.

Job Functions:

  • Developing marketing + PR strategy plans for all SAS departments & committees

  • New ideas for client + composer engagement

  • Oversee consistency of all SAS public-facing branding and copy

  • Update company website + blog

  • Manage 3rd party SEO services

  • Develop and manage cadence of marketing materials (newsletters, press releases, pitch decks, client gifts, etc.)

  • Manage content for all company social media channels

  • Manage 3rd party graphic design needs across all departments (or handle personally for candidates with graphic design experience)

  • Concept and execute marketing unique marketing campaigns

  • Manage company-hosted events + facilitate attendance at industry events


Jr. Creative Manager

Location: Remote

Directly Reports to: Senior Creative Manager

Hours: Full time - 40 per week + occasional overtime

Required Experience: 1-2 years in a related role

Mission for Role:

Provide exemplary service to new and existing clients by curating music pulls from our catalog, addressing client needs/questions, managing custom music projects, providing creative direction to artists, coordinating with artists on needed deliverables, and maintaining an organized music library and roster of composers.

Job Functions:

  • Curating music pulls

  • Quickly responding to client requests

  • Writing music briefs

  • Giving feedback to composers

  • Concepting/managing releases of new music

  • Managing custom music projects

  • Tagging incoming catalog submissions

  • Approving/denying roster submissions

  • Generating pitch decks from templates

  • Participating in rotating weekend on-call system


Account Assistant

Location: Remote

Directly Reports to: Senior Account Manager

Hours: Full time - 40 per week

Required Experience: Entry Level

Mission for Role:

Support the Account Team in generating new business, implementing strategies, expanding the client base and increasing the footprint in the market.

Job Functions:

  • Client research / organization (targeting, organizing leads, finding contact info, etc.)

  • Managing + maintaining Account Team CRM (PipeDrive)

  • Client Outreach (emails, calls, meetings)

  • Managing CEO/COO Calendars

  • Managing shipping/deliveries of gifts and client mailers

  • General Assistant Duties


Business Affairs Assistant

Location: Remote

Directly Reports to: Director of Business Affairs

Hours: Full time - 40 per week

Required Experience: 6 months - 1 year in a related role

Mission for Role:

Provide assistance to the Director of Business Affairs and the Business Affairs department, including but not limited to billing, vendor and new composer/artist onboarding, maintaining/updating spreadsheets as well as internal systems, distribution of monthly reports, and research.

Job Functions:

  • Billing: including creating bids, generating invoices and logging in appropriate systems/reports

  • Managing execution and organization of agreements

  • Onboarding new composers/artists, as well as new vendors and clients

  • Tracking license expirations and facilitating renewals

  • Accounts Receivable - following up on outstanding payments

  • BA weekly meeting management (e.g. meeting invitations, and running Ninety)

  • Bi-weekly ingestion of DSP content and distribution of data to third party vendors

  • Calculate weekly revenue data for team